4 Strategies to meet the demand of the 2021 Holiday Season

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The 2020 Holiday season was a tough time for everyone. Physical distancing and travel restrictions upended consumers ‘typical holiday shopping activities. The pandemic accelerated a shift to digital and facilitated the changes for consumer shopping behaviour. Online sales skyrocketed in every category. As we look ahead, the world seems poised for a turnaround. In-person celebrations are on their way back, and in-store shopping is expected to rebound this season. Expect this new hybrid of online and in-store behaviour to continue for the foreseeable future. Shoppers want the ability to choose what they buy from wherever they desire with a seamless online or offline personalized experience. In today’s marketplace reaching your ideal customer requires an omnichannel approach, delivering high ROI ads across multiple channels.  Today, we will be laying out 4 strategies to help brands grow their sales and be prepared for the 2021 holiday season! 

1 Start Today – Make your plan!

2 Visibility – Omnichannel Strategy


YouTube Advertising – Low cost, high visibility

Google Advertising – Precision

Database – Email

Retargeting – Second Chances

3 Seamless Shopping Experience

Personalized Customer Experience

Checkout Process

Mobile Ready

4 Change is Inevitable

Test, Test & Test